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We specialize in corporate travel management and conference destination management solutions and is dedicated to ensuring your company gets the maximum value for your corporate travel budget. In collaboration with XL Turners Travel’s powerful position in the industry, we are able to ensure that we offer the most competitive rates from airlines, car rental companies and hotels whilst remaining independent enough to pay personal attention to your travelers.

With our focused client-centered approach, technological solutions, processes and procedures, we endeavor to resolve your needs and exceed your expectations.  Our expertise in the field is used to reduce costs in service delivery and strategic supplier negotiations.  We will plan everything from individual traveler itineraries through to large groups and conferences.

With our extensive knowledge of corporate travel, we have designed our technology to offer the security, flexibility and independence needed for delivery of service both global and locally. A complete understanding of your company and its travel objectives enables us to identify which solutions will be best to provide deliverables that will aid your organisation.


Our professional team will be delighted to offer our clients the following services:

- Corporate Travel Management - Preparation of Itineraries
- Marine Travel - Frequent Flyer Management
- Leisure Travel - Incentives
- Travel Consultation and Advice - Group Travel
- Airline Reservations and Ticket Issue - Conferences
- Hotel Reservations - After-Hour Services
- Car Rental Bookings - Document deliveries via courier service
- Cruise Reservations - Travel Policy
- Rail Reservations - ISO 9001 Quality Control
- Coach Reservations - Management Reports
- Passport Assistance - Sales Support Service
- Obtaining Visas - Individual Profile Management
- International Driving Permits - Supplier Corporate Agreements
- Travel Insurance - Theater  Reservations
- Foreign Exchange

Our excellent relationship and reputable brand ensure we have an influential amount of bargaining power with airlines, hotels and car hire companies. We continually consult with these suppliers for your benefit in order to offer you the best services possible.


We provide 24 hours emergency / after-hours services, including weekends and official holidays where emergency travel service is required. We understand the sudden and urgent need to make travel arrangements according to our clients' business schedules and appointments and we provide a 24-hour emergency travel service with a dedicated team on duty to assist you. 


We provide the following value-added services, free of charge;

• Destination information for regional and international destinations;

   *Health warnings
   *Weather forecasts
   *Places of interest
   *Visa information
   *Travel alerts
   *Location of hotels and restaurants
   *Information including the cost of public transport
   *Rules and procedures of the airports
   *Business etiquette specific to the country 
   *Airline baggage policy and 
   *Supplier updates

• Electronic voucher retrieval via web and smartphones

• SMS notification for travel confirmations

• Travel audits 

• Global travel risk management

• VIP services for executives that include, but is not limited to check-in support